Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Worst Trip Ever. Part 1.

So the title might be a teensy tiny bit dramatic - generally not my style. But had you been on this trip I think you'd agree that just about everything that could go wrong, DID.

And, I should mention, in the interest of full disclosure, that I did NOT want to go on a vacation. Being as I spend 24/7 with my little guys (with only 2 hours of exception per week, when they are in the church nursery...and half the time I'm there for that, so make that ONE hour per week) I think I'm about as qualified as they come at predicting how they will act in any given situation. So, like I said, I was not an advocate for this trip. I won't name names, but someone else who lives in our household and is above voting age was the instigator. Yep. Not saying who...

So anyway, we decided to road trip it to Dallas (because I absolutely put my foot down at flying anywhere with my two little darlings). And, in case you were curious, here's what the back of my extra long SUV looks like when packed for a 4 day trip.

We attached Chris' iPad to the back of Brody's headrest so that he could watch Max and Ruby. Brayden was able to watch the regular DVD player in the car.

We had to stop twice on the way up to feed Brody and change the boys. FYI, the car is totally parked in this pic. Oh, look, here's the instigator...

So, night one. Here's where the fun begins. Brayden, my awesome sleeper, who has slept 12-13 hours a night EVERY SINGLE NIGHT since he was 3 months old - flipped his lid. We don't know if he was scared of the hotel (which he shouldn't be - he has traveled everywhere without incident) or if he was weirded out by sharing a room with his brother or what. It was BAD. We ended up moving his crib into the bedroom.

At about 11pm we almost packed up and went home. We should have!

The next morning we went to the aquarium. If you are going to take a trip to the Dallas World Aquarium, and you can do without your stroller, leave it! I wish I'd known that. It's too tight in there for my big double stroller. If we went again Brayden would walk and we'd wear Brody!

Here's Brayden with a shark.

A pic of the 4 of us on our first family vacation:

I should also mention that apparently the large grasses are incredibly scary. That's B's new thing. Everything is scarrrrrry Mommy! So, fair warning.

Next up, we went to In-N-Out, because I might have a slight obsession with that place. You can't tell from here but apparently this one must have just opened. I bet there were at least 100 cars in line. There were police directing traffic even. We ended up at another burger place which was a huge letdown and some people in there said they had been to In-N-Out and waited 2.5 HOURS! Ohmyword.

After that, we headed over to some outlets that we wanted to check out. Maybe not the best idea with a toddler who'd been camped out in a car enough over the last two days. Let's just say that it didn't go very well.

Overall, this part really wasn't bad. We're just so used to really great trips because B has always been a fantastic traveller.

But the best part of our worst trip ever comes tomorrow - when we get trapped in the employee hallways of our hotel, with no power, and a tornado. I'll post that later! For now, I'm off to enjoy a little piece and quiet!

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