Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Weekend

Wow. Some weekends are so short and others seem to last forever. And some feel like they've been both short and lasted forever. That was this weekend.

Saturday I got to spend the day with my mom which is always fun but doesn't happen often without the kids! Chris watched the boys and took them to "their" spot - a local pizza place that has mac n cheese pizza. Anytime I have a girls night or something going on, they wind up there. I've never been!

First, my mom and I went to a baby shower for my friend Elizabeth. She helped throw Brody's shower. This was part of her gift for baby Elijah:
A local shop, The Pink Lilli, made them for us. She does a great job!

After the shower, we ran a few errands and had lunch at one of my favorite local places. They have awesome tomato soup! Then we went and got our nails done together. I'm generally a pale pink shellac kinda girl, but I got this awesome dark gray last time (see here) and I loved it so much that I got it again!

Remember how I mentioned we adopted another dog? Well, anytime we pick up a dog we try to find it's home in case it was an accident and the dog just escaped. This time I was really pretty sure that it had just been dumped because of where Chris found him, but it turned out that he had escaped. The owners grandson had let him out and he ran off. So as much as we loved Aspen, we are glad he is back home with a his very loving family!

Brody has begun to try to talk much more this weekend. He's saying ball, done, Bubba (for Brayden) and book in addition to his other words. He is so proud of himself when he says something and we understand him! Ha! Brayden is a great translator - he always knows exactly what Brody is saying. It's SO cute!

And lastly, a word of warning if you car has tire pressure sensors. Three or four weeks ago my sensor went off saying my right rear tire had low pressure. I got out and looked at it, and measured it with this silver thing my brother gave me (tire gauge? I don't know what it's called). It said the tire was fine. So, meanwhile, I've completely been ignoring the warnings my car shouts at me every time I start it. Well, apparently, the sensor is actually ON the tire, so when I had my tires rotated the right rear tire became the front right tire and it actually IS low. Super low. So, just so ya know, the sensor is on the tire, and if you get a warning, just check all of your tires!
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