Thursday, January 12, 2012

A normal, crazy week around here...

It's Thursday, right?

Do you ever feel like that? Sometimes the days just get away from me! This week started with dental work for me. Thankfully, I was orally sedated which explains why I don't really remember Monday...

Tuesday, my brother came over to help me out since I was still a little loopy from the meds! We drove around getting a few last minute things done for Brayden's 3rd birthday party, or should I say, Bird-Day party. ;-)

We also ended up with a new dog! We have become a rescue/adoptive dog family. All three of our dogs have been rescued or adopted, and all happen to be Golden Retrievers, which are simply the best family dog.
Aspen is our newest member of the family. Chris found him, rescued him and brought him home. He looks almost exactly like one of our other dogs, Mossy. They have to be related!

My mom came over to watch the kiddo's so that I could meet up with my sister in law for manicures. Here's my newest color choice:
It's a Shellac called Jet Set. I love the Shellac polishes because they last a good 2-3 weeks without chipping at all.

Our oldest golden, Buster (who we think is about 10) comes into the house during the winter. This week marked his big move from outdoor dog, to indoor dog. He got shaved, bathed and now is happily residing next to me.
Tomorrow is Brayden's actual birthday, so we are taking him to Chuck E Cheese for lunch. His party is Saturday, and I can't wait to share it with you!
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