Monday, January 16, 2012

Party Details

I had 15 pictures for the party post, so I decided to break it up into TWO posts - this one is all of the details, and the next one is all of the kids playing.

So, Brayden choose to have an Angry Birds bird-day (hehe) party. Let me tell you, this was such a fun theme!

First up, the favors! Lindsey made all of the super cute details for this party - favor tags, banner, outdoor sign, centerpieces, cupcake toppers - anything you see that is creative, I ordered from her! So be sure to check her out!

The favor tags say "Thanks for crashing my party!" and inside the bag is a pack of coloring crayons, a Angry Bird coloring sheet and one of my friend Holly's super cute, handmade, Angry Bird sugar cookies! Holly doesn't have a cookie blog set up quite yet (I'll be sure to mention it when she does!) but you can reach her at Thedoughmestichousewife AT gmail DOT com!

The sign and centerpieces:
Super cute cupcakes and toppers! There is a new bakery in my town and they did a great job providing some tasty cupcakes!
Tables, coloring tables, balloons! We also had a banner and gift table that I managed to not get a picture of. I also forgot to get pictures of the food but we ordered BBQ and I also made a double batch of this yummy dip.

My kids have more than enough toys, so we were collecting toys for the kids at Arkansas Children's Hospital. We will be visiting in March to celebrate their 100th anniversary and Brayden is SO excited to take the toys to the kids there! Proud mom moment!
I set up two activities for the kids. One was this coloring table with Angry Birds coloring sheets. I printed these off the internet for free! We covered the table in brown butcher paper in case they went off the page!
And the BEST activity - I made a real, live, Angry Birds game for the kids to play! It was a HUGE hit! Thanks to all my friends for saving diaper boxes for me! This is what I used them for!

My mom, Chris and I covered them in brown butcher paper and stacked them up for the kids. They used plush Angry Bird toys to throw at the boxes! A few adults (who shall remain nameless) may have also played a round or two!

So those are the deets! More party pics to come!
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