Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Brayden!

Today is this sweet little miracles THIRD birthday!

Where did the time go?


Your Daddy and I are so very proud of you. You are the kindest, smartest, sweetest big boy we know. You are the very best big brother to Brody and you love to teach him new things as well as keep him out of trouble. You enjoy learning too - anything I can teach you, you just gobble up.

Your 4-wheeler is your favorite toy to play on but you still love that little John Deere tractor that GrandDaddy bought you when you were small. Speaking of John Deere, your favorite song is John Deere Green and you love watching YouTube videos of farm equipment. You're completely convinced that you could easily drive a tractor after watching a 5 year old do it on YouTube.

You still don't really like to eat, but when you do, you prefer healthy foods. Grilled chicken on a wheat roll from Chick Fil A, with chocolate soy milk is your favorite meal. You love anything and everything I bake. If you see me make it, you can't wait to try it.

You have the sweetest manners - always saying please and thank you, or no, thank you. You also give a reason for absolutely everything. You are so ahead on your speech, it's unreal. You justify points and argue your thoughts with us.

You want to be just like your Daddy. You want to dress like him, only ride in his truck if he is home, and just do whatever it is that he is doing. We hear "I'll help you, Daddy" about 50 times a day, and it is so sweet.

When you were born, we didn't know if we would be bringing you home. We are so, so thankful that God choose to let us keep you here. We couldn't love you any more if we tried, my precious little man.

We can't wait to see what the next three years bring sweet boy.

Mommy and Daddy
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