Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Big Three.

In life, it seems that there are things that no one will tell you about, until you happen upon that particular milestone.

One place this shows up is when you're pregnant. And I'm assuming people don't go around sharing all of those little details because they don't want to scare their friends. Which kinda makes sense.

But, I think we've entered one of those "don't mention it until it happens" milestones. What is it?

The Big Three.

As in, my child zoomed past age 2 without any of that "terrible" stuff. And I thought we were golden. Had it made. You know.

Oh boy, was I wrong! Apparently, age 3 is the doozy.

It's like Brayden woke up on his birthday and flipped a switch. Gone was my little happy boy who was sweet and respectful, who listened and obeyed. Now he's a disobedient, trying every last nerve, little boy who talks back to me.

Oh. Boy.

I was not really prepared for this. According to my parents, I skipped this stage. I was always quiet and reserved and preferred to just be...good, I guess.

So, what I'm saying is he did not get this from me. Ha! I jest.

I know that "this too shall pass." And even though these past few weeks have been, well, trying, I am doing my very best to savor each and every moment with him. Not just because I didn't know if we would even have this time together, but also because I know that one day, not too far in the future, he will be all grown up. He will be a rambunctious boy who doesn't have time for me, then he will be a moody teenager who only wants to be with his friends. After that, he will go to college and get married, or, worse yet, move away.

So, even though he may be loud and rowdy right now, I'm still "mommy" to him. He still wants me when he's sick or hurt. He still wants me to read him stories and play games with him. And I will choose to enjoy every sweet second of this time that we have together.
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