Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow Day!!!

Brayden has been asking for snow for months now - he received some snowball makers and a snow man building kit for Christmas that he has been wanting to use!

This morning when I got him up, I took him to the front door to look out. His little face lit up and he said, "Mommy! It snooooowed!" I had one very happy camper on my hands!

Brody thought everything was fine and well until I put him in his (Brayden's old) snowsuit. Then he wasn't so sure...

And he really wasn't sure once he was out in it. Yikes. There aren't very many pictures of him in the snow because he escaped to the safety of the snow-less driveway.

My boys and I:
Brayden launching a snowball. So.Cute.
Can you tell I took my camera out of auto? These shots aren't edited at all!!!!
A very proud little snowman builder. He would like to thank his Daddy for actually making the snowman.
Chris and I:
We were SO excited for this unexpected, fun little snow day!
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