Thursday, February 9, 2012

The day I met a few celebrities...

I am literally giddy as I sit here typing this. Giddy, people.

So, here's a little history. My family moved to Arkansas back in 99' and one of the first families we met at our new church were the Tuckers. They have two sons, Seth and Sheldon, who are both amazing kids. Well, I guess now they are adults. I feel old.

Sheldon has an AMAZING talent for tumbling. He literally floats through the air. It's beautiful to watch. He went to cheer for Hawaii Pacific (from what I understand, they have the best cheer squad in the nation) and then he was offered a role in the musical Bring It On. Amazing, right?! So, how excited was I when we found out that Bring It On was coming to our local theatre (and for you locals, they are here through Sunday, so go buy a ticket!). ECSTATIC, people.

Last night my mom, the Tuckers and I went to watch the show. It was FANTASTIC. Literally, it was the best musical I've seen. And yes, I saw Wicked. Sorry, but to me, this was better. It's funny, it's entertaining and the cheering is so AWESOME. I would go see it again tonight if I could. And when they get picked up for Broadway, guess who is going to fly to NYC to see it? This girl.

Mom, Sheldon and I:

So, the Tuckers know that I absolutely love the tv show So You Think You Can Dance. LOVE it. It's my very favorite show of all time. And my very favorite male dancer from that show is named Neil Haskell. He's amazing! Guess what? He's dancing in Bring It On as well! I was so excited that I was going to get to see both Neil AND Sheldon live. I didn't think I'd actually get to meet Neil - I don't think he usually comes out after the shows...probably because he gets mobbed by teen girls. Or in this case, a 27 year old, married woman. Ahem.

Well, my sweet friend Sheldon got Neil to come out after the show so that I could meet him and get my picture with him. Pretty sure I put those tween's to shame. I immediately started gushing about how Chris and I watched him and voted for him on SYTYCD, then got embarrassed and hardly said another word. Yuuuup.

Neil and I!!!!!!!!!
Of course, now I can think of a hundred witty things that I should have said but didn't because I was star-struck. SYTYCD is kind of like the Super Bowl for me and I was meeting the Eli Manning of dancing. I wait for it ALL YEAR LONG for that show. I vote, and I get so invested in these kids and their careers. Dance is such a passion for me!

So, anyway, I just had to share my little brush with celebrity. And Sheldon, if by some chance you see this, I will NEVER forget this moment! Thank you, my friend!

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