Monday, March 19, 2012

Date Weekend

My parents were kind enough to keep our boys on Friday night so that Chris and I could go on a date. There is a new restaurant in town that we were wanting to go try out and it was DE-licious! I had little sliders but the star of the show had to be the truffle fries. I hate mushrooms with the exception of truffles (of course, right?) and these freshly made fries were slathered in truffle oil. I will not admit to eating the ENTIRE pile of them.

After that we headed to our outdoor mall because there is a crepe and smoothie place that we were going to have dessert at. There is no picture. Why? Because I had a banana nutella crepe and I just couldn't bear to let it sit on the plate while I took a picture of it. But trust me, it was every bit as good as it sounds.

Since we're old and we're parents we didn't do any shopping for ourselves, but we managed to get the kids some new spring clothes. Ha.

The next morning we went to a new place on our town square for breakfast. I was incredibly excited because they had a prosciutto breakfast sandwich. If you know me, you know that I have a deep, meaningful love for prosciutto. It will always hold a place in my heart. Or in my stomach, whatever the case may be.

I had a gigantic and delicious hot chocolate with my breakfast and Chris had a gigantic, and according to him, delicious latte with his chorizo breakfast tacos. This was the best non-homemade breakfast I've had in a lonnnng time!

And when we went to pick up the children this is where I found them:

Brayden loves riding on John Deere's so GrandDaddy was taking both the boys for a ride around the neighborhood. Too cute! We took the kids home for their naps then ended up back at my parents for the traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner that we always have on St. Patty's Day (with the exception of last year when my mom severely disappointed us all and didn't make it. I don't think she will ever make that mistake again, haha!).

Hope you had a great weekend too!

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