Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Five

It's Friday and we've been sick ALL week, which means I haven't left my house. So instead of posting about what we've been up to (um, nothing), or where we've been (um, nowhere) or what I've been cooking (um, not much), I thought I'd post my Friday Five - five of my favorite recent pins.

This ring is so AWESOME! It's an infinity ring (the design is the symbol for infinity) and I love, love, love it.


I like to pin lots of exercises because I hate doing the same stuff over and over. It's so boring. I've found so many interesting and fun workout ideas on Pinterest. Here's one:

Cleaning tips can usually be found on Pinterest too, and here is a neat one for your baseboards.

This is one of those pins that linked to nowhere, so I don't know what blog or website it's from, but it's a good idea - use a glue gun on your hangers to prevent tops from sliding off!

Source Not Found

And this was just cute - how sweet would this be on your dining room table for spring?!

What pins are you loving right now?

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