Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Brody's Bedding

I forgot to mention Brody's bedding yesterday!

Chris called the store owner (the one who yelled at him) to see if the bedding was completed. It was, so he went to pick it up. She apologized to him and said that she had been way out of line.

So, Chris brought the bedding home. Unfortunately, it wasn't exactly what we ordered, but most of it is cute.

Here is the bumper and skirt:

The bumper has brown elephants on a blue background. The center panel has his name on it.

Here is one of the problems - the lumbar pillow for my rocker obviously is in the wrong fabric. I put it in the crib so you could see the difference in color. We're going to pay to have this fixed.

And here is a little stroller blanket we also had made. It's brown minky dot. They forgot to embroider his initials on it but we can easily get that fixed.
Once we get those things fixed I'll be a lot happier with the whole package. The other error was the size/height of the bumper but all in all I think it looks okay. I love the color scheme and the elephants and the softness of the minky.

More of his nursery to come as we finish it!
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