Friday, September 17, 2010

Playdates and Miss Jillian!

Now that Brayden is feeling all better, we've resumed our playgroup schedule. Yesterday our friend Ginger hosted us. B had such a good time. I love having him around other kids; first, he eats better (it's like peer pressure or something!) and second, it helps him to learn how to behave around other kids. With his new brother on the way, we'll take all the learning experiences we can get!

Here he is chowing down:

Today we met another group of friends at Chick Fil A (where else?!). Brayden is smitten with Sara, and he wanted her to hold him all day!

After lunch, Sara and I headed over to the hospital to see Jennifer and Miss Jillian! She is just so precious. She opened her eyes briefly for me! She just has the sweetest little face and of course, Jennifer looks fantastic!! I can't believe she just had a c-section!

Brayden ignored her at first, then noticed her but didn't mind, and then eventually decided that he wanted me to hold him and not her. I'm hoping it was just because he was tired! Haha!
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