Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Results of Brody's Echo

We had Brody’s echocardiogram today. Basically, it went just like the paperwork they sent me said it would go. We walked in, met with a doctor and the ultrasound technician, and they took us to an exam room. We got connected via satellite to the Cardiologist at ACH and he gave the go ahead to begin the echo. It was actually a lot faster than we thought it would be and I’m guessing that it’s because they didn’t find anything wrong!

Towards the end, Brody began to get a little ticked off because he was apparently trying to sleep and kept getting poked and prodded, so he decided to attack the ultrasound wand. He started kicking at it and hitting it, haha!

They took a thousand looks at his heart and measured, measured, measured. They watched all of the functions of the heart and also checked his cord to make sure he was getting what he needs through it.

One of the problems with Brayden’s PPHN was that they don’t know what caused it. He wasn’t a preemie, he didn’t have merconium aspiration, I didn’t take any medications etc. In addition, PPHN is fairly rare so they don’t necessarily have as much to go on to begin with. With that said, the Cardiologist, Dr. B felt very good about the echo today. He said it was normal and perfect and that he didn’t even see a small problem on it. He feels that our chances of a normal delivery are very, very good.

Thank you all so much for your comments and prayers!!
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