Saturday, September 4, 2010

First ER Visit & The Game - Frito Pie

You know that Brayden is sick when he wakes up screaming at because he isn't much of a screamer, and two, because he usually sleeps til' 9am.

And that is how we wound up taking our very first trip to the ER (thanks Dad for the pic):
When Chris brought him downstairs (he ran up to get him when he was screaming) he was (TMI) throwing up green stuff. I almost called an ambulance because I thought he was choking. In what might have been the world's faster trip to the ER, we found out that he had an ear infection in one ear and the beginning of acute bronchitis. We were sent home with two prescriptions and he was immediately much happier! (I say it was the "fastest trip" because we were in and out of there in less than 2 hours).
After his nap, B was feeling much better and so we put him in his "Let's Call Those HOGS" tee so that he could watch the game with Daddy:
And I made Frito Pie and my favorite, Chocolate Chip Cookies!
For Frito Pie, just heat up 2 cans of chili with half a block of cream cheese, serve over Frito's and top with cheese!
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