Wednesday, September 8, 2010

MOPS meeting - The Duggar's!

I was SO excited to go to back to the first MOPS session of the year because Michelle Duggar was our guest speaker! I personally love the Duggar's; I think they are great people who stand up for their beliefs even when it isn't popular. I really admire their faith. I met Jim Bob and Michelle at ACH (click here) but this was the first time I'd met any of their children.

Michelle and I (yes, I wear glasses. There was a whole Twitter convo about it last week and so I decided to let a picture slip through of me in them. OK, or I forgot to take them was dark outside because of the rain so I had them on so that I could see while driving!).

Sara, Jana, Jinger, Jessa and I:
And I took a little video of the girls playing violin so that you could see them and also the film crew from TLC! We all had to sign release forms because they were filming 19 Kids and Counting! Who knows, maybe you'll see me on the show (haha, I would pass out of embarrassment if that actually happens)!

I ended up missing the last 30 minutes or so because Brayden was screaming in the nursery. I was so sad to miss the end of Michelle's talk. One thing that she said that I will really take away and think about is to praise your kids in public and correct them in private. I thought that was a really interesting idea and something that I am going to learn a little more about.
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