Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things I'm Loving - Kitchen

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I thought it would be fun to share 3 of my favorite new kitchen items. Well, one isn't so new but I just love it so much that I'm sharing it anyway.

I love my pots and pans but my whisks have been tearing them up! I recently discovered these silicon whisks and they have saved my pots from even more scratches!

I bought this set of 2 at Bed Bath & Beyond for $7.99 (with a $5 off coupon, so I only paid $2.99!).

This is the item I've mentioned before. Chris got me a set of Rachel Ray Furi knives a couple of Christmases ago and I love them. They are the best knife set I've ever had!

My last newish favorite thing are these metal mixing bowls. I love them because they are coated in silicone so they don't slide all over the place while you are working!

What are some of your favorite kitchen gadgets?
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