Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Quick Trip

On Sunday, we decided to go to Tulsa and take the kids to the aquarium. There aren't a lot of local indoor activities around here that you can do with little kids, and when it's 105 and humid, were not really up to playing outside!

The aquarium was packed! Apparently lots of other people had the same idea we had! The boys had a lot of fun though. We walked through the shark tank twice because they both loved it so much!

The only thing Brayden disliked was the sea urchin tank. He reached in to pet them and he didn't like their slimy texture!

Afterwards we met Chris' mom and step dad at CHEESECAKE FACTORY!! Can you sense my excitement! The rumor was that we were supposed to be getting one but it fell through when the economy tanked. I'm still holding out hope.

Hope everyone had a fun weekend!!

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