Thursday, July 28, 2011

Top 10 Recipes

I really have nothing overly special to blog about today, but thought maybe I would share some of the links to my favorite recipes. All of these can be found my clicking on the "Recipe" section of my blog, but I hyperlinked them all so just click on the words!

Here we go!

This is SO good and really easy!

You can make this one in the crockpot if you like - it's really easy and you probably have everything on hand!

This is my very favorite meal. I love it. Well, honestly, my favorite meal changes a lot but this is always in the top 5!

This is perfect - I can't wait for the weather to turn so that I can make this again!

My moms recipe - the best ever.

I should call this the famous chicken salad! Ha!

These are easy and fast - and I've yet to meet a kid (or adult!) who won't eat them!

Peanut butter and chocolate. Nuff' said.

Even better than it sounds - if that's really possible.

Chris' favorite Christmastime treat! These are great for birthdays, holidays and homemade gift giving!

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