Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fun Birthday Monday!

Yesterday was my 27th birthday!

It started off with these:

Then, as I mentioned yesterday, we went to CFA, the best place on earth.
This was the parking lot at the movie theatre. Chris and I went to a 1pm showing of Bridesmaids and it was DEAD! There ended up being 10 people in the theatre! I enjoyed it - we got great seats!
Last night we went to a frozen custard place. I love the chocolate custard topped with bananas and hot fudge! This was a child's serving size!
And this is my gift!

I wanted a big deep freezer because the one attached to my fridge is A.) tiny and B.) opens into my wall so you can't get it fully open!

I actually got it a few months ago because Lowe's was having a GREAT sale, so Chris and my parents bought it then! It's been so great to have! Now I can actually make and store freezer meals!

It was a wonderful day with my family!
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