Thursday, July 7, 2011


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OK, so a few days ago we decided to take our boys to a local safari! There is a petting zoo as well as a huge area that you can drive through. They've got just about every kind of animal.

Brayden loved the petting zoo - the baby camel wanted to kiss him to death (which kind of grossed me out but he was loving it so I kept quiet!). We got a little sidetracked when he saw the water valve - he loves these things! We had to remind him we were there to see the animals, not the water!
During the drive through there was a herd (is that the right word?) of zebra's that swarmed the car in front of us. He couldn't drive because they wouldn't move! Then the converged on us! The kids loved it!
And here is one good picture of Brody - my camera settings got messed up but this one turned out cute!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!
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