Thursday, December 8, 2011

A few of my favorite...


It's been awhile since I did a Pinterest inspired post! I just adore Pinterest. I have found so many wonderful ideas and used them as inspiration to come up with my own recipes and crafts. I've even posted a few of my Pinterest re-do's like this one.

So, here are a few of my favorite pins from the past couple of weeks!

Isn't this a great idea? It's a silicone attachment to make pouring easier!

This was just hilarious. I might have to do this when my boys are older!

This one is sort of gross...but at the same time, good to see! If you've been losing weight like I have (down 15lbs!) it can be frustrating when you step on the scale to see that you're only down 1lb. This puts it more into perspective!

This is a great craft idea - it would be perfect for teacher gifts!
This is great too - I'm working on my Elf on the Shelf post just for toddlers, and I thought you all might enjoy this tutorial!

Pinterest is such a great resource for inspiring your own creativity! Do you follow any pinners that you love? Leave the link to their (and your!) pinterest accounts so we can all follow!

You can find my Pinterest by clicking here!
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