Friday, November 6, 2009

Brayden's first haircut!

It was just time for mullet man to get a new do' don't ya think?

Chris had an appt with our friend Julie to get his hair cut tonight. I asked if she thought she might be able to trim up B's mullet and make him look a little more...presentable...haha.




Thanks Julie for doing such a great job!!! It made such a difference! B was so good too! He didn't cry or anything. I was surprised because he really didn't get his nap today so I expected him to start breaking down or be really grouchy, but he did great! We had another first today, but I'll share that on another post!


Sarah said...

It looks great! He's such a little man! :)

Lianna Knight said...

SWEET!!! No more mullet...although I really didn't see one in the first place, just a bunch of stragglers :)

Heather said...

Awww so sweet! Everyone has been telling me that Ryder needs a haircut as he is going the "mullet" route but I just can't bring myself to cut off his precious curls!! Good job to you though! :D B looks adorable, although I don't think he had a mullet ;-)

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