Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Table

I finally got my table set up for Christmas! The only thing left is the tree - and we haven't decided if we want to set up our fake tree or go by a real one for Brayden.

I change out my table for every season and this is the only season that I use real china and that's only because it's my Moms! Thanks Mom!

Last year a local store went out of business so I bought this centerpiece for about $20.00. It didn't photograph that well, but it's pretty in person!

Do you decorate your table for Christmas?
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Todd and Courtney said...

We have the same table! You are the 3rd person I've seen with it :) And I am just now starting to get into the whole decorating thing. But I always buy after the season for the major clearance items for next year. So my collection is just now starting to build up :)

Meg said...

Your table looks beautiful. I don't decorate my table for the holidays, my kitties would just destroy it.

I haven't been on in a while but went back through a bunch of your posts, so the comment high lights:
~Your hair looks awesome!
~B's shirt was adorable on Thanksgiving.
~I'm glad you and Chris got to go on a date, wasn't the movie The Blind Side incredible? Phillip and I saw it on opening night!

Hopefully I will be better about keeping up with blogging, unfortunately school is kind of all consuming.

Lea Liz said...

I love your table, looks so pretty!! Love the china and centerpiece!

I change my dining room table out for the seasons/holidays too! I have fiestaware in just about every color so right now for christmas I gave red and green place settings with my snowmen placemats and runners and napkins and my centerpiece right now are these 3 gliterry trees!

Lianna Knight said...

We FINALLY got a dining room table after being married for four years :) So I got out my Lenox Christmas China and decorated away :)

Lauren said...

Absolutely beautiful, Jenna!! :)

Annsterw said...

Looks sooo pretty!!!! Soooo excited for this holiday season!

Amanda said...

You have such a beautiful blog... and great decorating style too! I just signed up for blogher ads and clicked on it to test it out...and I found you! What a blessing!

Have a wonderful night!

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