Sunday, November 8, 2009

Trip to Georgia

Last week we took a trip to Georgia with my parents and brother to go quail hunting. Well, the guys were going hunting, Mom, B and I were relaxing. But, on the first day we did go out on the old fashioned wagon ride that accompanied the hunters.

I, of course, wore the most appropriate shoes:

Me and my brothers horse, Wilber.

Mom, Dad and B:

My shoes again...I thought it looked funny with the horses and trees and then Bam! my bling shoes:

The next day we went to visit this town that has a 350 year old oak tree. This is my mom under it:

This is a bigger view of the tree. Notice how small the car under it looks?

We had a really fun and relaxing trip! B enjoyed his first hunt!


LuLu said...

Where in GA were you guys?? I'm from Georgia:)

Hailey said...

So fun! That tree is pretty amazing!

Lauren said...

The scenery is beautiful. So glad ya'll had a great time!!!

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