Friday, April 9, 2010

Bloggy Meetup Day, Part ONE

Today I got to meet up with Sarah for lunch! I've wanted to meet up with her forever, so I was so excited when she emailed me to say she was making a trip up my way!

We met at Mimi's (where else?!):

We had such a fun lunch with only one little problem...
Not that Bman is a problem he was just incredible ill-behaved. Normally he is really good when we are out and about but today was just the opposite. He screamed his little head off for most of our lunch! Ahhhh!!!

Sarah is just so adorable and so easy to talk to! I wish she lived closer so we could get together more often!

Later today, Chris, B and I are meeting up with Emily, Ryan and baby Cate for dinner! I'm sure I'll have that post up tonight or tomorrow!
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