Thursday, April 1, 2010

Eggs, part 2. (As in Easter eggs, this time)

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Would you believe that on the day of Brayden's first Easter egg hunt, my camera battery died? I didn't even get one single picture. Thankfully some friends took some! This one is from Kelly, and I have a few more coming from Julie and Erin. Once I get them, I'll post them here as well!

I have no idea what that face was about!

I wasn't sure what Brayden would do - but I showed him how to put the egg in his tin, and that's all he needed. He collected all 12 of his eggs in record time! He actually enjoyed being outside for once - usually he hates it because he is not a fan of grass. But today he really loved it! And he had so much fun with his little friends!

This weekend I'm dying eggs for the first time (hopefully that will be uneventful instead of disastrous) and then he will hunt real eggs on Sunday! More pics to come!
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