Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pink or Blue for #2???

The title says it all...

We found out that we are expecting baby #2 in November!

This is a cute little cake from Rick's that Chris had picked up for me when we found out:

I've had 2 ultrasounds and so far everything is good and right on track. I met with my doctor today and since I am considered moderately high risk, we talked about delivery already. We are attempting to coordinate with our awesome pediatrician so that he will be there for the delivery (because when I had B he had to wait about 15 hours before he was seen...obviously, not ideal).

Other than that, the only restriction I have at this time is a weight lifting restriction. I am supposed to limit myself on picking Brayden up which is ... well, HARD and not lifting anything else that is over 20lbs. I'm at home with him all day everyday so of course I am going to pick him up! Thankfully we call him Mr. Independent for a reason and he much prefers walking or holding my hand to me actually carrying him around now.

If I can figure out how to scan the ultrasound pictures I'll do that - otherwise I'll probably take a picture of it and see how that turns out!
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