Friday, April 30, 2010

Fun Play Day

Today was a playgroup with some of my friends from my MOPS group. (I know it gets a little confusing, but I go to two different playgroups - one with girls from my church and another with friends from my MOPS group).

We had a great time...and then B decided to eat their dog food. Haha! I thought he was still munching on a muffin because he kept stealing bites from Sara and Jennifer's but then I noticed it was the wrong color and figured it out. You know you're with a bunch of bloggers when they all whip out the camera's to take pictures!

And I want you all to see Brayden's adorable t-shirt! I got it from my friend Stephanie at If You Say Sew. She has so many cute designs and they are only $12. Or you know, you could enter my giveaway on my giveaway blog (link at the top) and I'm giving away FIVE of these great shirts!

Many of you sent me questions about Baby #2 and I have a post coming for you soon!
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