Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Where a Dad can be a kid!

Chris was seriously jealous that I'd managed to go to Chuck E Cheese twice without him, so the other night we all went. I'm not sure which of my boys was more excited...

Having Chris there made it a lot easier to play more games - it's hard when I'm alone, toting his diaper bag, my gigantic purse and B.


One of the 2 little kid rides:
The only thing that bothers me about CEC is that some parents use it as a babysitter. There was a group of families that came in together and their kids were all over the age of 7 or 8 (at least) and they were terrorizing the "Toddler Zone." There were about 6 kids and as you can see in the pic of me and B, the toddler area is really small. We actually had to leave and go to the big kids game because they were running us over. I don't even think their parents looked at them once! Okay, vent over!

Oh, and Chris wants me to thank you all for the compliments on his shorts. He really enjoyed reading them, haha!
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