Saturday, April 3, 2010

My husband, the loudmouth.

Well, he's not a loudmouth, per se but he wears LoudMouth...

As in these shorts:

And he's also the proud owner of these two pairs:

LoudMouth is a golf brand of apparel that was popularized recently by John Daly (whose a famous golfer from Arkansas). Chris was watching a tournament one day and John was wearing a pair of LoudMouth pants and he just had to know what they were. He's not afraid to stand out and he's been dying to get some ever since. I don't think the older golfers at his club are very happy about it, but he's getting a kick out of his new golf wardrobe.

We met up at Chili's yesterday for lunch and the top picture in this post is what he was wearing. I forgot that is what he left the house in until it was too late. Chili's was packed and I think every single person in the restaurant turned to stare - and of course they put us in the very furthest corner of the place.

Have you seen these - or do you know anyone who wears them?
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