Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Incredible Pizza

Saturday, after our trip to the zoo, we went to a place in Tulsa called Incredible Pizza. It's sort of like a Chuck-E-Cheese but a lot bigger and it's a buffet (which I normally am not a fan of but it was actually pretty good!).

Brayden loved playing the games:

And so did Chris (they had a really fun Deal or No Deal game):
And this race car was probably B's favorite:
The next day before we left Brayden wanted to cuddle with Grumps. It was so cute!
Tomorrow was supposed to be Gymboree and MOPS, but I forgot that B has his 15 month checkup, so we won't be able to go to either! I'm not sure if he will be getting shots (though I would think he will be) but I have a feeling we would have a lot more fun if we were going to Gymboree!
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