Monday, July 26, 2010

Miscellaneous Monday

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I have a whole bunch of things floating around in my head, so this is going to be a very miscellaneous post!

First, a pic of Brayden at a playground in Lake Tahoe (specifically, this is in Tahoe City). We had just grabbed lunch at what Chris calls a "hippy place" ... in other words they offered vegetarian options, and then we took B swinging.

I've gotten several comments and emails from some of you who are now planning trips to Tahoe! That's awesome! Keep them coming - I seriously do not mind helping you plan your trips!
Next topic: My mom, Chris and I found the fabric for Brody's nursery. There are two fabric stores close to me and we visited them both. The first one was a flop; they just were not getting that I wanted it to look like a baby/kids room, not some formal, untouchable, nursery for a magazine thing.

The next store is the one who had hunted down fabric for my dining room chairs. The lady that owns it gets me. And she has 2 golden doodles in her store. That fact alone made us fast friends. Oh and her kids come to work with her during the summer and they entertained Brayden while mom and I placed the order. Score!

Cookies: On Saturday I realllllly wanted cookies but my back was killing me so I reallllllly didn't want to stand in the kitchen. So Chris took my recipe and made them for me - oh and of course, Brayden helped too. They were so good! I am a lucky girl!

Phone: And lastly, I have finally ordered my new iPhone4. I've been a loyal and repeat Blackberry customer for the last 5 or so years but I've decided to make the switch. It should be here in the next week or so.

The only problem is that ATT has a way of always messing things up, no matter how simple. So Chris, B and I went into the store to order the phones (no one here has them so they have to be delivered to you). We were only ordering and paying for them - not signing or changing our contract. We leave - the store closes - and we can't text. I am an AVID texter. I like texting. This was not cool.

I called ATT - twice because I have no service at my house - and they make me sit on the phone for 30 min's and go over my plan. They keep insisting that I never had texting. Wrong. Eventually, they figured out that they were mistaken and I get my texting back. If there were any decent options where I live besides ATT I would be all over it!

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