Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Up in the Air...

I'm attempting to think of how to go about posting about our trip...and I think what I'm going to do is lump it into categories. Usually, I do the whole day by day thing but I wanted to change things up a bit!

So Brayden spent a fair amount of time up in the air. And I'm not just talking about plane rides, though those were...interesting. We ended up with a 7 hour delay on our way to Tahoe and spent 14 hours in the airport/on a plane yesterday coming home. We didn't make it home until after 11pm! Not fun!

What I was really talking about are the gondolas/trams in Tahoe. We've done 2 of the the 3 many times over the years...I've been coming to Tahoe yearly since I was a baby. I think my Dad has been coming since he was a kid. It is our very favorite place to go. It's so familiar...we know where everything is, our favorite restaurants, things to do etc and it is SO relaxing! From the moment you step out of the car and inhale that piney freshness, you feel at ease. And I sound like a PSA for Tahoe.

Anyway, there is a brand new hotel in Tahoe that we stayed at. We've been staying at the same place forever, but we switched things up this time and this new place was AWESOME. They have their own gondola that takes you to a "village" - aka shopping and restaurants. All we had to do was walk out the door of the hotel and step onto it. This was B's first gondola ride:

A few days later we separated from my parents and took B to Squaw Valley, where we usually stay. They have a tram (a gondola is big enough for about 6 people, the tram can hold a lot more) that goes up to the top of the mountain. They have an Olympic museum there and a GORGEOUS view. Here we are at the top:
This is what the tram car looks like:
They also have a swimming pool - though I have no clue why anyone would go up there to swim. See the snow right behind it? It was about 87 degrees at the bottom of the mountain and there was snow at the top.
I snapped this on the way back down. It's a long cable but a fast ride. The black speck at the bottom is the Squaw Valley Resort.
In South Lake Tahoe there is another gondola - a really, big one. It goes up to the top of Heavenly mountain. Mom and Dad:
Us, B and his chicken nugget:
This is the view - we were still on the gondola at the time. See the city at the bottom, near the lake? That's where the ride STARTS!!!
When we weren't looking, Brayden took the camera and started taking pictures of himself:
At the top of Heavenly, there is an outdoor grill where you can sit and eat. There are tons of these adorable chipmunks that run around:
So that was our time up in the air! Lots more from our trip to come!

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