Sunday, July 11, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Today was my brother and my birthday! We celebrated yesterday. I went out for a mani/pedi (YAY!) and then came home. Brayden insisted on giving me his gift when I got home. He wanted to read my card to me first...

And then he and Daddy gave me my first gift...a beautiful necklace that has Brayden and the new babies initials engraved on it! I can't believe I didn't get a closeup!

After that, we went to meet my brother, his girlfriend and my parents at Bonefish. I didn't get any pictures because I was too busy eating! Then we came back to my house for the yummy Butterfinger cake my mom made and we both opened gifts. My other gift was maternity clothes from a boutique I love!

Today (Sunday) is my actual birthday. It's been a rough day! Brayden did not do well in the church nursery today. Then, when we were at lunch with my parents he started acting sick, so Chris and I left to take him to Urgent Care. It turns out it was all related to bad drainage caused by allergies. We were able to get him two prescriptions that will help dry him out.

This afternoon was much better though. He took a great nap and then we went to dinner with our friends Matt and Sara and their adorable kids Lilly and Reid, and then came home for more Butterfinger cake! It was an eventful weekend!

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