Thursday, July 8, 2010

Things that happened today...

1. Brayden has decided that today is the day of new words. He said "toes" while pointing to his toes, "bye-bye" while waving to someone and blue, for the color blue.

2. I ran over a mouse. While driving. That takes talent.

3. While driving, post mouse incident, it began to rain. Apparently, some drivers translate that into "I must do 15mph under the speed limit. I am not one of them.

4. I was reminded that I do not like couscous.

5. In a rare moment of productivity, I've gotten the house ready to be destroyed by children tomorrow - I'm hosting a playgroup. I should add that I absolutely do not mind it being destroyed by children.

6. I baked cookies. Okay, well it's 1:30 and I'm going to bake cookies. So I'm just counting it now.

7. I was reminded, while typing this list, that I really enjoy lists. Especially if they are in spreadsheet form.

8. I was somewhere where the fireplace was on today. Brayden yelled "NO NO! HOT!" at it. Pretty good considering he hasn't seen a fireplace that actually had a fire in it for several months.

9. My cell phone has given me the "timer" and died no less than three times today. I'm counting down until I get my new phone...ahem, on the 13th!

10. My birthday is almost here. Which means I am officially closer to 30 than 20. Ok so that didn't happen today, but I thought about it a lot today.

Considering the day is only half way over, it has been a fairly interesting one.
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