Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cookie Dilemma

I have had a cookie issue for the last several years.

I bought these pans from Calphalon - they are dark, non-stick baking sheets. I really like using them for cookies because they come off the pans so easily. I purchased them in a set of two - so I bought them together.

I have two other pans I use as well. I've got double ovens, so when I make cookies, I use both ovens and have 2 baking sheets in each oven. Well, one of the Calphalon pans makes cookies. The other, it seems, prefers pancakes:

Can you see the difference? I have no idea what is going on. It's the same exact pan, cooking in the same oven, for the same time at the same temp. Any thoughts?

And because he's so cute, this was my little cookie baker helper the other day. He had a spoon, a spatula and a metal bowl that he was "mixing stuff" in. If I can teach him to make cookies, he will make some lucky lady very happy one day!

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