Friday, July 9, 2010


Today Brayden and I hosted a playgroup for a friends from MOPS. Usually we don't do a lunch at this playgroup but since everyone was driving about 30 min's to my house I wanted to make sure they were fed!

I forgot to take pics before everyone started eating! I made chicken salad croissants, fruit salad, chips and mac and cheese and chicken nuggets for the kids. I also made my very favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies.

We had 8 adults and 11 kids!

And because it was kind of gross outside...
There was lots of indoor playing!
But a few kids ventured out...that's Diesel and Reid:
And a few mom's too!

It was such a fun group and it really wore Brayden out! He went straight to bed for a nice long 4 hour nap!
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