Friday, August 5, 2011

Brayden & Brodys Birthday Party THEMES!

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I wasn't going to post the kids party themes but then I realized that if you follow me on Pinterest, you probably already know what they are!

Brody's first birthday will be Little Mister. I don't think I'm going to do the mustache thing - though I could change my mind. I'm planning more on bow ties and neck ties.

I was shopping online for printable kits and Chris asked what I was doing. I showed him a few things I'd pinned but I couldn't find a kit on Etsy that had everything I wanted. He thinks he will be able to make everything for me, so I found a digital scrapbooking kit, purchased it and now he is hard at work making everything! Yay!

If you have any tips on making your own printables (he's using PhotoShop) PLEASE let me know!!! We've never done this before!

Brayden's third birthday party theme will be....ANGRY BIRDS! If you know Brayden this makes perfect sense. He's wowed all the girls at church with his Angry Bird playing abilities. Haha. I just found a kit on Etsy that I may order - since I know nothing about legally using their images and such.

I'm so excited. I'm hoping that since I've got my act together (Brody's bday is in November, and Brayden's is in January) that I can pull this all together nicely!

So, if you've got any tips on the whole printable thing or any Angry Birds sites you want to share, please do!!
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