Monday, August 15, 2011

Brayden Goes Bowling

Last Thursday, when Chris got home from work, he really wanted to go out and do something. Options in our town are fairly limited, but we thought Brayden might be old enough to go bowling for the first time. There is a nice, new bowling alley not far from us.

Here's the little man all decked out - I think he was hoping the superhero shirt would give him super bowling powers.

Our alley has two separate bowling areas. The bigger one is a regularly lit bowling alley, but the one we went to was the black light room. All of these pics were taken on my iPhone. I'm kinda impressed!

We grabbed him a dino bowler ramp, and I showed him ONE time what to do! From then on, when it was his turn, he grabbed his ball, ran over and rolled it down the ramp! He did so good!

And on a separate note, I would like to point out that I BEAT CHRIS!

OK, if you ask him, he will say it was because he had a 20lb baby strapped to his chest in the chest carrier. I just say that's an excuse.
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