Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Buster/Mossy/Bubble Puppy

I wanted to document this for myself, so that I don't ever forget this cute stage Brayden is in.

Brayden has this stuffed dog that he absolutely adores. It goes pretty much everywhere with him.

At first, he called the dog Buster, because we have two golden retrievers and one of them is named Buster.

Awhile later, he decided he liked our other golden better - his name is Mossy. So then he started calling him Mossy.

A few months after that, Buster (the real one) redeemed himself and then he decided to start calling him (the stuffed one) "MossyBuster" or "BusterMossy."

Now he really likes the show "Bubble Guppies, " and when that's on TV he calls him "Bubble Puppy."

Brayden, you are just too cute and you have the best little imagination!
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