Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy 9 Months Brody!

Brody, you are 9 months old today!

What are you up to?

- You LOVE to eat. You do not like baby food, but you will eat anything you see Brayden eating. Chicken, mac and cheese, grilled ham and cheese, fruit, yogurt etc.

- Along the same line, you don't really care for your bottles anymore. You still eat a lot but you would rather it come out of a sippy cup than a bottle.

- You sleep like your brother now - 8:30pm - 9:30am.

- You still have bad reflux and take prevacid.

- You wore a 2T shirt the other day. TWO TODDLER! Ohmygosh.

- You are ALMOST walking. You cruise around, holding onto the furniture.

- You can say "Mama and Dada" anytime we ask. You are working on Uh-Oh and Hi. Once you said something that sounded exactly like "GrandDaddy." I think he worked on you while we were in Chicago.

- You wave hi and bye. In fact, you were waving Hi at me when I took this picture.

- You have three teeth, and several more are poking through.

- You love to be outside, go for walks, and play with the dogs.

- You don't really have a favorite toy - you like anything you see Brayden playing with.

- You love Bubble Guppies (it's a preschool cartoon).

You are such a sweet little man!
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