Friday, August 26, 2011

Fab Five Finds Friday!

I was trying to think of a catchy title, haha!

But here are my five favorite pin's this week! You can find me on Pinterest by clicking here, or read my tutorial on how to use Pinterest by clicking here!

First up is a make your own monogrammed iPhone case tutorial! I found this through a re-pin and am totally doing it! My clear case just arrived ($1.99 on ebay!) and Chris is making my cover! There are downloadable prints on the website!

Next up, is a series of books I just read. I thought it was trilogy which is why I read them, then I found out it will be a series of 6 books. Four are currently out. The first three are fantastic. It's call the Mortal Instruments Series.
Mortal Instruments

You have to laugh at this - especially when you consider that I DO have a no solicitation sign and people still knock on my door EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Usually during naptime.
From: Etsy

I love this idea but I'm slightly afraid I'd burn the house down. I'm not sure Chris would be too pleased about that. It's dixie cups, wrapped in scrapbooking paper, attached to Christmas lights. I could see doing this for lots of things besides Christmas too! Has anyone done this?

From: Good Housekeeping
And last, but certainly not least, I love this boot. And I might be secretly hoping that Chris sees this and thinks, "Oh! This would be the PERFECT GIFT for Jenna for our anniversary. Or Christmas. Or something."

Tory Burch, you make some BE-utiful shoes.

From: Tory Burch
Hope you enjoyed my pins! I'd love to see yours!

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