Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Organization Binder

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I mentioned here that I was working on my home organization binder - or as I like to call it, our family binder, and you all asked what was in it. It's far from finished and I think I've already decided I need a totally separate one for my recipes - I could fill this thing up right now with those - but here you go!

First, the cover! Ha! I don't like plain binders - only because it has to be cute in order to motivate me. So I bought a pink binder with a clear cover and had Chris make me a little cover sheet. I love chevron!

And that is one smalllllll stack of my recipes. See what I mean? They won't fit!

Here's the thing I struggled the most with. The whole "Chores" section. What I ended up doing was first finding a list of chores, to help me think of things that I don't normally do. Then I also printed out a weekly calendar so that I can write down individual things that I did/need to do. Also, there were a bunch of things that I needed that aren't on that checklist form.

For the checklist form, click here.
For the weekly page I use, click here.
Next up, meal planning. I do a similar thing here - first I have a monthly menu. I like this because I may have just made something, but want to make it again later - I can just pencil it in. With a weekly planner I'd have to remember it or flip through several pages to see it. The monthly page is more of an "at a glance" type thing.

For the monthly page, click here. (this one isn't the same, but I can't find the one I used!)
For the weekly page, click here.
Next up, I have sections for both of the kids. Right now, they have birthday party planners and guest list information in them.

I also have sections for recipes, recipes to try, and Christmas. Christmas may eventually need it's own binder too!

You can find a lot of great printable pages here.

And I will also be posting the recipes that you asked for soon!

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