Monday, December 5, 2011

All Aboard the Santa Express

My friend Lindsay was telling me about a Santa Express train ride just for kids, and it sounded like such a fun idea that we decided to go to! Santa rides the train with you and it's decorated for Christmas, and I thought the kids would love it.

So this Saturday we bundled up and headed to the train station. Brayden was SO excited. He's all about Thomas the Train right now so this was so up his alley.

The four of us:

I was concerned about what the kids were going to think of Santa this year. Brayden did a good job of convincing me that he was excited to talk to Santa, so I wasn't too concerned about him. Last year he was deathly afraid of him! Well, this year it turned out to be Brody's turn to be afraid...

This picture cracks me up. Brody's screaming and Brayden is rolling his eyes at him:
Once he was safely back in Daddy's arms, Santa didn't seem so bad:
You can see a little more of the train car we were in here. The cars are restored from the twenties, I think.
The conductor was a really sweet older man. He and his wife actually got married on the train right about where we were sitting.
Brayden with the conductor:
Chris, holding Brody with a Brayden at either side (Lindsay's oldest son is also named Brayden) looking out the back window of the train car:
Our trip lasted about 45 minutes once we got going. There were five train cars of people and when we were supposed to leave the station a couple called and said they would be late, so they actually held the whole train up for about 30-40 minutes to wait for them, which was kind of weird! It was a fun trip and I think the kids would enjoy it again next year!
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