Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Arrival of Buddy

Last week, The Elf On The Shelf movie came on TV, and I watched it with Brayden. He was fascinated! I knew that we needed our very own Elf.

The next day I went and picked one up. During the kids nap time, Chris and I wrapped it in Santa paper (you know, since it's supposed to be sent by Santa) and put it on the porch. When they woke up, I rang the doorbell before we got them. Brayden wanted to know who was here so we let him open the door...

And he knew exactly what it was!
The Elf! We let him pick a name and he picked...Buddy. Ha! He had seen Elf with Will Ferrell on the day before and I guess the name stuck with him. So cute.
And Buddy's first appearance ended up being on our mantle. He brought little M&M candy canes for the boys:
Let me tell you, Buddy may stick around our house ALL.YEAR. If Brayden is acting up all I have to do is say "Buddy" and he stops his bad behavior. He knows that Buddy will tell Santa if he's being a bad boy. Genius, I say.

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf? I'm going to put together a collection of ideas (where to put your elf, especially for toddlers) - Any you want to share?
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