Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Party, Lights & A Sickie

I'm so behind, but I'm going to try to catch up!

Brayden got really sick and Chris ended up taking him to the ER yesterday. He has a viral infection and croup - which we've never had before. Now we have to keep the kids separated which is a challenge! Brayden is staying upstairs with Chris and Brody is downstairs with me. Poor Brody's heart is broken - he is with his brother every day and doesn't understand why he can't be now!

But back to last week...

Thursday night my inlaws came into town to keep the boys while Chris and I went to a Christmas party. My mother in law, Lori took our picture! We never get a picture of the two of us! Thanks Lori!

Brody had to sneak into it, but that's okay. Ha!

Friday we loaded up the car and took off with my parents to Branson. We were taking the kids to look at the lights in Kimberling City and also to go to Silver Dollar City. I ended up changing my mind about going to Silver Dollar City (and now I'm so glad I did!) and ended up just driving around looking at lights.

We stayed at the Landing and there is a shopping center below it. I finished up my Christmas shopping and we ate at the Macaroni Grill (my favorite place - we don't have one here).

My mom and Brayden:
Chris and Brody. And Chris' Cousin Eddie hat. If you watch Christmas Vacation, you'll totally get that.
Sunday Chris took me to see the Nutcracker. It was a classical performance instead of that new contemporary ballet which I don't like. Ha! I'm very picky about my ballet. I danced classical pointe for many years. It was pretty good - and then we came home to a very sick little Brayden. He was fine earlier in the day, but he looked awful when we got back home. Chris ended up spending close to 3 hours in the ER with him. I was worried because he was running a 103 temp and it wasn't coming down with tylenol. He is a little better today. Hopefully he will be completely well in time for Christmas!

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