Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Seeing Santa

My blogger friend, Mrs Monologues, is collecting soda pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House! We learned a lot about all of the wonderful things the RMH does while Brayden was at Arkansas Children's Hospital. Help her reach her goal of 15,000 tabs to benefit the RMH charity! Click here for deets!

While we were at the Landing in Branson we went to see Santa! It was a cool setup - they have this gigantic Christmas tree and Santa is in the bottom of it. It's set up like his gift wrapping workshop.

Brayden was pretty excited. He really wanted to tell Santa what he wants for Christmas. Brody was a different story.

Brody looking at Brayden like, why are you talking to this man? He's a stranger!

Brody looking at me begging for help!
Hopefully next year we will have TWO happy boys getting their picture taken with Santa! Last year Brody was happy and Brayden was crying!

Well, technically Brody was asleep...

But still...considerably happy.

Here's to next year!
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