Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Way I Spent My Tuesday...

A few of my friends have a freezer meal group that meets once a month. It actually started last month but I couldn't make it, so this is my first time to participate!

There will be six of us and we are each making two meals (times six). For my two contributions, I'm bringing Chicken Rolls Ups and Chicken Enchiladas.

Figuring out how much I needed of everything was sort of a guessing game! Today I worked on the Roll Ups and did some prep for the enchiladas.

First, I used my food processor to grate 6lbs of cheese - ever wondered what 6lbs of grated cheese looks like? Here you go:
I boiled 25 chicken breasts - I did it in four batches(half is for the enchiladas). My time saving trick for shredded chicken is to use your stand mixer. Make sure to do it while the chicken is hot or at the very least, warm. Put the chicken in, lock your mixer and then turn it on the lowest setting for about 1 minute. You'll have perfectly shredded chicken, every time.

I also cooked and shredded some additional chicken for myself - I'll keep it in the freezer to save myself some time later. I have so many recipes that call for cooked, shredded chicken, and since everything was already out and being used, why not?!

Then I assembled my 56 chicken roll ups!

I put them on parchment lined baking sheets and threw them (okay, gently placed them) in my big freezer until they were hard enough to bag up. I wrote the baking instructions on the bags for everyone The only thing I didn't do is brush them with butter and top them with bread crumbs because I didn't know how that would hold up during the freezing process. Has anyone done that? I'm curious. Hopefully, everyone will have those on hand and can do that if they want!

Tomorrow I'll be working on the enchiladas! I already have my chicken cooked and shredded and my cheese shredded! That will definitely save some time!

Are you in a freezer meal club? What's your favorite meal to exchange? I need ideas for next month!
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