Thursday, September 27, 2012

Big Waves for Fine Hair

I feel so silly writing any posts about hair. I wrote one recently that you can find here on getting big, beautiful hair. I only did that because I've struggled with doing my hair, ever. 

My hair is literally baby fine. Supposedly I have a "lot" of it, but seriously, you should see it in a ponytail. It looks like a 3 year old's hair! No, I take that back, I think some 3 year olds have thicker hair than I do.

Because of how fine my hair is, it tends to be really lifeless. I've tried dozens of hair tutorials. All of the ones I've seen are from girls with thick hair that looks so pretty without them having to do anything to it! I had an appointment with my friend and stylist yesterday and I begged her for curling tips. I see all these girls with their big beautiful waves and I want that too! Ha!

Here is what it looked like when Julie did it:

And this is a superbad pic of me in the car today (not driving!) after having curled it myself!
Obviously, Julie's is much better but there is wave in my hair and I did it! Ha!

I was talking about it on Twitter and several of you asked for the tips that Julie taught me, so here you go:

- Product: I used a foam mousse and Julie used a root lift (she used Pureology Root Lift, I used a mousse I had from Garnier) before drying my wet hair. PS - Dry it like I do in this tutorial.

- Section It: Horizontally divide your hair into three sections. Clip the top two up on the top of your head and start with the hair at the bottom.

- Take a 1-1.5" section of hair and lightly spray it with hairspray. Using a 1.25" - 1.5" barrel, curl your hair away from your face while keeping the iron completely vertical.

- Release hair and repeat with remaining sections working up towards the top of your head.

- Lightly run your fingers through your hair to break up the tight curls a little, then spray with hairspray.

It probably took me about 5-10 minutes longer to do this as opposed to straightening my hair and I was really happy with the look! A big thanks to Julie who needs to start a hair blog to teach us all of these tricks!

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