Monday, September 17, 2012

Bacon, Chicken, Ranch Ring

One of the most popular recipes on my blog has been the Mexican Chicken Ring. So many of you have asked me for a new version of that, as well as a new version of the famous Chicken Rollups (by the way, there is another version - the Pepperoni Rollup!)

The result was this - my Bacon, Chicken, Ranch Ring! The good news is that you can make this as a rollup to! You'll have all of the ingredients, and it's up to you how you put it together. Either way, it will taste AWESOME!

Bacon, Chicken, Ranch Ring

3 cups shredded, cooked chicken breasts
7 strips cooked bacon, chopped into small pieces
2 green onions, chopped small
1 cup monterey jack cheese, shredded
1 cup thickened ranch dressing (information to follow)
2 cans of crescent rolls (not jumbo!)

For the dressing:
Mix 1 cup mayo and 1/2 cup buttermilk (or 2% milk with 1T lemon juice or white vinegar) with 3T ranch dressing powder. Dressing should be thick!

Poach chicken: I usually buy 2 bags of frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts and poach them all at once, then throw them in my stand mixer with the paddle attachment for about 45 seconds. Then I divide them into ziplock bags with about 3c of shredded chicken in each, and freeze them!

Prepare dressing. Note: it needs to be thickened. If you want to use bottled dressing, mix in some mayo. If the dressing is runny, the filling will not hold together.

Cook bacon.

Next, combine your chicken, dressing, bacon, green onions and cheese. Make sure it's well combined.

Grease a baking sheet and open your crescent rolls. Lay them out, overlapping, in a circle. Using your hands, mold the filling into a ring around the dough (pictured below). If you try to do this with a spatula it will fall apart, so use your hands! Then, fold the points of the crescent rolls in over themselves (pictured below) and tuck them under the ring.

Top with additional cheese if desired. Note that if you do use additional cheese, it might make the crescents look like they aren't cooked yet (see my pic up top for an example). They are cooked, it's just that the melted cheese looks like raw dough!

Bake at 375 for 20-25 minutes. Serve hot!


Use your hands to mold the filling into a circle:
How to fold the points over:

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